I seem to read about a type of cancer I've never heard of every couple of weeks lately. I think I once read that there are about or over 200 cancers . On this site we see many kinds . It seems cancer of one kind or another can strike us at any age ,no matter what our lifestyle has been . We read so much about ways to lower our cancer risk but this will not necessarily prevent cancer taking hold.
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My granfather was fit and strong, never smoked, never drank except for the occasional glass of red wine, had home cooked nuritious meals every night, and still developed glioblastoma. Never had any health problems in 75 years before this except a mild case of pneomonia, one kidney stone and sleep apnea. The only thing possibly that I can think of that could have contributed to it is that he worked at the steel works...not in the actual production though. pollution maybe? not sure, just speculation. Even now he's still completely healthy...except of course for brain cancer. Even though he lost a lot of weight in week leading up to his surgery (proably stress/nerves) he's still as strong as ever (which we discovered last night as he was trying to rip off his monitoring equipment!!) A very harsh reminder that cancer can happen to anyone 😞
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So sorry about your grandfather's cancer. It must be frightening to him and he may be feeling so many different emotions . It is a huge thing for him and the family too. I am 61 years old and seem to have known, in recent years, so many who have cancer ,some who are no longer survivors and some who are . Then I have met so many more people here and on others sites with cancer or whose loved ones have it . It is so very sad,to say the least.
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