I haven't spoken to anyone since I finished treatment about much. I obviously have a lot on my mind or else I wouldn't be here as an anonymous blogger. I'm due to see a CBT psych next week. She's a woman who has an ideal way of being for you to work towards. I'm at the stage where I'm too tired to live in fear. It's unsustainable. I've spoken to 2-3 young survivors of lymphoma. One who went through it 10 years ago. It really helps to meet other young adult survivors. I'm still young medically speaking. My fear is this: can I beat cancer and be okay physically after my body has been hrough so much. Can I regenerate? Could this indeed be a life changing experience, but a one off? Last year, I assumed I would be around today. Today, I assumed the universe still wanted me. Hope is what keeps us going.
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Hiya Bluejandaling Surviving brings a whole new mindset to get your head around. Often we are very changed people after diagnosis and treatment and that can take some adjusting to and getting used to. For myself, physically I have struggled and still have some things that aren't yet quite right and am a year out of treatment. In saying that my body is healing and feeling way better than it was. I think it helps us all to chat to others who go through very similar experiences as we do and we feel less alone and isolated. Good luck on the healing. :) Julie
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'can't stop blogging' is an OK thing, not a problem, keep it up.
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