I ate something bad this morning and puked it up. I know it's just had food but after the last 6 months, this feeling is a little scary. A friend of mine in the US got through treatment completely stoned. It's been 10 years for him and I often winder whether or not it's better to be high through it all. I'm still bald. It's only been 2-3 weeks since the last chemo. I've pretty much distracted myself with bad DVDs ... Or at least they feel bad now that I'm sick... Which is ok. I know that this is just bad food. I keep forgetting it's only been 2-3 weeks. I was still in hospital 12 ish days ago.. Or 11
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Patience, patience...sit in the sun if you can, getting ten minutes of vitamin d is more important than putting on sunscreen...or get some good DVDs. Or read Keith Richards' book, it's a hoot. H
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I survived the big c but not a rotten fruit. ;) can't believe I made it through chemo without puking once and today. Woah. Gotto laugh. In between puking some DVDs I ordered weeks ago arrived! Yes have to laugh. Moderation is the key. I was so gun ho about eating more raw foods, but my gut is really fragile and even healthy ppl can't cope with a raw food diet.
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OOoh, I did the raw food diet when I was very first diagnosed with cancer 22 years ago. didn't last terribly long with it though as I was breast feeding at the time and felt like i was going to pass out. It has taken a very long time for my hair to grow back. First up I had chemo which made it drop out and then the next lot of chemo I had made it not grow back. Tis a year now and I have had about 3 haircuts and my hair is back to growing at a rate of knots, as it did bc. Julie
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