Yeah, I know. It is 6.04am. But I am up early and have a cup of coffee in my hand and don't have to do anything at all today. I just wanted to say how useful I found the list of hints for handling the holiday season. It's on the home page here. I constantly grapple with the energy in-energy out equation. Some days I am way out and it takes many days to recover. Other days I get so much done because I have decided to do nothing. It's very strange and kind of hard to get used to. But there it is. There I am. Here we are. I find it so hard to say no. I need more strategies for keeping things on my terms. The idea in the list of an exit strategy for dealing with events that might become exhausting - for one reason or another - is very good. That's something that has been on my mind for the past few months. And these days it is always true that doing less is a much better option. It is amazing how much I get done by doing nothing. Mostly events and telephones give other people the opportunity to ask me "How I am" but they do not give me any oppoerunities at all. I have come to hate telephones. I love blogging, email, facebook and text because you can set your own timeframe for engaging with others but phones ringing in real time I find such an imposition. I really hate the phone ringing. I make exceptions when it suits me. Last night I went to the Australian Opera with my son who is a post-graduate musicology reaearch student and a university tutor. He wanted two tickets for a birthday and Christmas present, which I delivered, then he said I want you to come with me. I am absolutely buggered this morning. Not enough sleep and I missed a meal, forgot to take my pills and may have an infection looming in my catherter. But I did go to the opera with my son. It's a good list. Thanks for putting it together. H
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