Well I am still going with the 365 day project. I haven't missed a day yet although some days I have got to the end of the day and remember I haven't done the photo. I have had my daughter home from interstate this week. She is getting married here in March so the week has been full on with wedding arrangements and finalising bookings on some of the things for the day. I have been up and down abit this week so poor Catherine has had to do most of it. And they keep telling me not to stress about, and to take care of myself. But its so hard and frustrating (and upsetting ) some days when you want to do things and the body doesn't want to respond. It gave good opportunity for some photos for the diary. Day 8 was sitting in chemo. Day 9 was also sitting in chemo but looking out from my view point. Day 11 was my very sad saggy plant that had been hidden in the corner behind the Christmas tree. I am happy to report it came good with some water. Day 13 is my daughter arriving in the taxi from the airport. Day 14 and 15 were to do with wedding prep and today Day 16 is Pizza. I know its sad and not healthy, but we had pizza for tea. So it goes in the book. Mind you we did lots of other things today as well. LOL Cheers Vicki
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