I have 2 weeks to go with chemo. yahoooooooooooo...... I finish on 30th December. Not quite in time for Christmas but certainly in time for New Year. PICC line comes out and I will be free to a certain point for new year. The tumours have not gone away completely and probably never will, but they are shrinking. So it should be contained for a while. I think they were a little surprised at how well I am going at this stage. Fingers crossed it will go even better in the January scans. I have another scan on 6th January and see the oncologist again on 13th January. After this they will scan me every 2 months and monitor it. Hopefully I get alot of time off chemo so I can get some energy back. Has anyone else finished a session of chemo knowing the cancer is still there. and then just be monitored. It feels a little strange, the idea that I still have cancer in me but no more treatment, just monitoring. They have not given up on me, just have to give the body a break from the chemo. I have been doing this 5 months already. Seems like a lifetime ago this all started. Radiation in Melbourne, then a week off and then chemo in local hospital full on for 24/7 for 5 months. I am wondering if this last 2 weeks will drag or not. Have a fair bit on in the next 2 weeks. So hopefully not. Cheers Vicki
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