Hi All, Saw the Onco yesterday and all things seem to be going OK,3 monthly visits for the next year, He is happy with the free flap and i have to manage the Lymphedema with my good massaging techniques, hopefully softer than his hands as he nearly choked me. Now all i need is some calm weather so i can get my RC heli in the air and hopefully keep it there. Xmas wishes to you and your families. Dave
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Hey Dave Great news on the checkup and keep on keeping making that onco bloke happy. :) Is good weather down this way and hope you are getting some up there. :) Xmas wishes to you and yours also. Julie
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Excellent news Dave, Has been good weather here all week as well, so hopefully it will flow to your area. I suppose you need no wind at all. Good luck with the flying. Pity we cant put photos here, it would be good to see the helicopter. Cheers Vicki
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Been warmish here but still some wind, great to here about your results, you are amazing, keep up the good work. Cheers Dave
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