Hi. Im new to this online community forum. Please I am just looking for advice or information from those that maybe able to offer some thoughts or experiences.


I have CUP mets in the bone diagnosed 2016, was given 6-12 months to live. I have had spread of the disease into my bone marrow and I'm still currently mildly active.


My platelets are on a steady decline, are becoming critically low, the oncology team are asking me to consider some chemo. Gemcitabine & Carboplatin is the drug regime(chemo mix) they are considering. Does anyone have any thoughts or information from personal experience, I'm reluctanct as I'm physically and mentally doing okay at the minute but possibly need some chemo in the hope that it would retard the blood products being damaged, so to speak?

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I had Gemcitabine chemo over a number of months it made me pretty sick ,I was treated for a known Cancer ,yet others who had same chemo for same cancer ,suffered much less after effects,our bodies and responses to treatments are all different,if you decide to have that treatment do so with an open mind.


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Thanks Kj for your response. Yep, alot of variables for me to consider, and we are all different.  

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