Last year, Cancer Council launched The Thing About Cancer, a new series of podcasts for people affected by cancer. But how do we know that the podcasts are a good way to provide cancer information? Is there a way we can improve them?


If you have listened to our podcasts, we would love to hear from you!


Please go to: to tell us your thoughts.


The survey will only take about 10 minutes and your feedback will help ensure that we are providing the best possible information to people affected by cancer.


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If you would like to listen to our podcasts, they are free and available on our website at


You can also find them on iTunes via your favourite podcasting app.


About the podcasts
The Thing About Cancer podcasts feature renowned broadcaster and cancer survivor Julie McCrossin chatting with oncologists, psychologists, researchers and other cancer experts. You’ll also hear from people with cancer and their carers. Topics include coping with a cancer diagnosis, how cancer affects carers, new cancer treatments, and managing side effects.

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