Hope everyone is having a good day.  Just wanted to join the group for support and to talk to women who have had uterine cancer but really anyone (men and women) who are willing to have a chat.  I also had a hysterectomy so anyone who has had this done, I would love to talk more. 

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Hi Grova,


Welcome to the group.

I have stage 4 kidney cancer, but I also had a total hysterectomy back in 2008.  I, unfortunately, couldn't have keyhole surgery because my uterus was enlarged.  So I ended up with a nice 30cm scar across my lower abdomen.  For me, it was the best thing I had done.  

When were you diagnosed with your cancer, & how has your treatment been for you so far?

My mother had ovarian cancer, my 2 older sisters had breast cancer, & one of my brothers has prostate cancer.  It's absolutely everywhere in this world, but there's plenty of people on this site to have a chat with.  😊



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Hi Budgie,


Oh wow, I'm glad that was the best thing for you.  Sorry to hear that you have kidney cancer.  How did you handle having the surgery? and eveything else after that? 


I am struggling a little with this been done.  I know having the hysterectomy has been a good decision that was out of my hands but had to be done as it was the only option really to stop the abnormal bleeding from Aug-Sept.  I had 2 surgeries everything but the ovaries were removed as they found a big mass of cells they were not sure what it was.  I had a fibroid as well (which I found out about back in Feb 2017).  They kept the ovaries at first just in case the mass was not cancerous but days later, I found out that it was cancer and it was stage 2 uterine cancer.  I was devasted with the news but glad that it was removed.  Then I went back under to have the ovaries removed so the cancer couldn't be fed up to the ovaries.  Everything happened so very quickly in a span of 2-3 weeks (Oct/Nov 2017) and it was all clear.  I"m glad everything is gone and the cancer is gone but becuase it was done so quickly I really didn't have a chance to think about what the heck just happened (it may sound silly to you so I do apologise in advance).  


My mum had breast cancer and she went through chemo, radiation and herception treatment for 2 years.  And yes you are right it's everywhere in the world but it's personal when it happens to a family member you love so much and to you.  Only those who have been through it can understand.


Thank you for letting me in your story as this helps me and I am looking forward to chatting to you further and others about this.  



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I'm glad for you that the cancer is gone.  And NO I don't think how you're feeling is silly at all.  I understand that you're feeling overwhelmed by it all, as it was done very quickly.    I also had fibroids which was the reason I had my hysterectomy.  I wasn't having any more children, & the periods were getting quite ridiculous, so I guess I went into the op wanting it.  


When they took my kidney, again it was larger than usual with all the cancer through it, so, normally they take the kidney out through the back, but mine they took out through the front.  This left another long scar on my belly.   I've had a couple of other operations since, and now my belly looks like a naughts & crosses board 😂.


I've been really lucky throughout all this though because I have an absolutely wonderful husband.

We download to each other all the time and joke about everything.  I now have a deposit in my right lower jaw which is quite big, & we poke fun at the shapes of my head when we go through the CT scans on our computer.  Some of the shapes look like monkey skulls, and some look like butterflies to me.  


Anyway, I suppose the thing is I don't let the cancer rule my life, we get out and enjoy ourselves.  


Take care 😊



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I don't mean to laugh but that's adorable that you poke shapes at your head with your husband.  You certainly have been through a lot and I love the positive spirit as that is what you need to do.  


Unreal they had to cut you from the front too.  Hope everything goes well.  Unfortuantely I don't have any children and met my wonderful boyfriend later in life (being early 40s now).  I know with all my complications it was never going to go smoothly in trying for children but having that taken away from you was smacked in my face but I'm okay with it generally.  It's only now and again I think about it.  But I have beautiful nieces and nephew that I love to death and they are my everything.


Hope you have a great weekend.  Hope you don't mind me contacting you.


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Hi Grova,


I don't mind your contacting me at all, & laugh all you want 😀, It's good for you!


Have a wonderful day.



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