I finished chemo 6 cycles on Thursday . I have a break now for who knows how long. I get more scans next week and see oncologist the week after. then monitoring every 2 months at this stage. PICC line came out as well on thursday. So I feel free for a while. Cancer lesions are still there but hopefully have shrunk more since last scan as well. My main concern is the cancer will suddenly spring back into growth once the chemo stuff is not there to hold it back. Guess everyone gets that too. Cant dwell on that though. Will deal with that if it happens. Now if I can keep up these thoughts everyday. I plan on doing what I can when I can. I made a list of things I would like to do. I wouldnt mind a hot air balloon ride. I am scared of heights, and would be terrified , but I think it is something I could have a go at. My hubby and I are planning on travelling through the year, just in Australia. Depending on how health goes. Kids to visit in Cairns, and Newcastle. Perth sounds like a lovely spot to see and maybe Tasmania as well. So I could say look out life here I come. :) Stay safe and positive Cheers Vicki
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