Well I had my first fall yesterday. Came a crashing down flat on my face. I am ok but gave us all a big scare. It happened so quickly, don't remember falling, just landing on my nose. Lucky nothing is broken. A bit of bruising on my nose. Legs just went from under me as I got up to walk. Tried to move to fast I think. not concentrating on my feet. Been very careful since then, Lost a little bit of confidence, using walking stick around the house again. Went out shopping with the kids today and bought myself a new TV. Can watch the cricket on a big telly now. Not that Australia are doing exceptionally well at the moment. LOL. Happy New Year to you all Take Care Vicki
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Vicki ... not good to hear of your fall and glad that you haven't done too much damage .. ie broken bones. Good news re the new tv though ... best let the aussies know that you have one and they can start performing. lol HNY Julie
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Hi Vicki, I too had a fall when my feet/legs were really bad. I caught my foot in a door and just went straight down. Fortunately my friend who is a nurse was on hand and she dealt with me beautifully. My knees became like basket balls for a couple of days,however. I remember being n the floor wondering what else could happen!!! Enjoy the new tele. Samex
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