Christmas always seem to arrive so quickly and this year is no exception.


Many of us will reconnect with family & friends. A time when we need to rein in our spending and to look at our budget to survive the festive season.




Here are a few helpful tips so you can enjoy the Christmas cheer and merriment.


Personalise your gift

Often it’s not the price of a gift that matters but the sentiment and thought behind the gift giving. A special gift that was made by hand like Christmas decorations or a gift card where you can offer your time like walking the dog or babysitting, can mean so much more than a store bought gift.


Christmas Gatherings

Often lunch or dinners are arranged during this time to reunite with family and friends.  So why not ask each individual or family to bring their best meal/recipe of the season to celebrate at the gathering, this will help everyone with additional expenses .


Don’t over spend

Make a budget and stick to It! Keep the credit card locked away and use your debt card as this is your own money.  When January comes around there will be no nasty credit card statements to pay off.


Good luck and Merry Christmas to you all!

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