Its been a month or so since I last updated, Ben has had his follow up appointment with the oncologist & is now medication free. No sleeping tablets or dex. The doc advised no growth, which is awesome news but Ben has gone the complete opposite. About a week before the doctor appointment he started to sleep more, and be a bit dizzy. We mentioned this to the oncologist but he didn't seem to worry- just mentioned to me to watch for him acting strange, and drunk like. If that is to occur, he would have to have a shunt put in his brain. So we get to the third week of December,and I am really starting to notice this bloody brain tumor. Christmas was lovely and quiet but he slept most of the day. Which is now a common thing in our house. He is awake for about 2 hours of the day & night only. He so wonderfully, came along to carols the night before christmas eve, I could tell it was so tiring- but he does it with no complaints. Once the public holidays are over, we will head to the GP- get a blood work up done. Hopefully its just a lack of iron or something. If nothing to out of the ordinary we will have to go back to the oncologist. I suspect he will suggest Ben goes back on the dex. And I know Ben will refuse. Maybe its time to start consulting Charlie Teo??? My birthday is the beginning of Feb, our second daughter's first birthday is late Feb and his 1st year anniversary of this shit of a thing is the 1st of March. I hope, and I pray that this will be a happy time for us. We have had a lovely time, such awesome memories, I still pray for a miracle.
hey hunny i feel your pain... my hubby who unfourntatly passed away so fast lived with cancer for two years but a different type (colon).. he had so many surgeries, chemo and radio.. just before our wedding he got terrible back pain and from there on we found out it was his liver... he lasted four weeks once his liver was really failing... i know how hard it is you just want to be happy and think some miracle will happen but please always keep in the back of your mind that things might not happen the way you want... im sorry to be so down but i was given a lot of false hope and they told me he would be here for christmas and maybe new year... when he wasnt i got angry and felt lied to.. i really hope you get your miracle! sleeping is a sign that they are tired of the cancer and feel the need to let go.. my new hubby slept ages he was on dex, morphine, but the biggest one was midazalam which is given to a very sick terminally ill patitent... you sound young and im sorry you are going thorugh this.. if you ever want to know anything or need to chat im here :) xox
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Thanks Maddie, well I think im young 😉 30 and dear hubbie is 36. It's all fun and games for us- as the doctors are surprised he is still alive so I have no false hopes- just a pure wish & prayer that we will get a miracle. This is the only thing that gets me through each day with a smile on my face. I have 2 beautiful little girls who need me to be strong. I know I will eventually lose him to this nasty disease- I just don't want to just yet! But as cancer teaches you- no one is in control!
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