Its my birthday today... and im sad 😞 my first birthday without my beloved husband... he wouldve woken me up with kisses and cuddles and made me breakfast in bed... this time last year we were in new york having the time of our lives.. now im alone and missing him so badly... :'( its been four weeks... still so raw and fresh... i just want to get this week over and done with... i hope this time next year i will be typing a different blog... :(
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Hi Sweety, Absolutely cry if you want to. My Hubby is still alive but I cry most days now as I can see the deterioration and 24/7 . Happy Birthday and heaps of hug from me as I know I just want to escape this nightmare. As you say it is still raw and kind to yourself (I know you are probably sick of hearing that as am I) but you need to my friend..wish I could change the world and rid it of this awful disease . May much love and hugs surround you at this difficult time. xxx
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Your doing so well, Great big hugs and a massive happy birthday to you!!
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thank you both... well i hope your christmas's were ok to.. surprisingly i had a better day yesterday as i was surrounded by noisy kids and family and it was good to just vent... xo
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Hi Maddie, Happy birthday for the 24th! I am glad to here u survived Christmas day...... I can only imagine how difficult that would have been. Keep fighting on and may time heal those deep painful memories. Hopefully with time most memories will be of the wonderful times u had together! Take care Rubes
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People say that you have to go through a year of special events before these begin to become easier . That includes birthdays ,Christmas ,Easter and days that were /are special to you . You have now gotten past your birthday and Christmas without your husband so perhaps next time it will be less painful . I hope so .
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