I'm not new to this whole Cancer thing, as i was first diagnosed 3 years ago with Nodular Metastatic Melanoma and whilst its been a long road since with its fair share of hurdles ... i'm staring down the barrel of a diagnosis of Breast Cancer ~ but at what stage i'm not sure yet 😞 ... I go through all of the tests and appointments by myself so i'm the only one that knows atm! I'm not a very good talker at the best of times, but find it extremely hard to talk (or write down) to family and friends as they dont really have any idea of what its like or the personal hell i'm going through ~ and with it being the festive season and the fact that i have a 10yr old, i've tried to put on a brave face (and shut it out) and enjoy and take part in things but i just cant .. how am i going to get through this christmas period and how i'm going to deal with this next battle i face 😕
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