Been a hard day and just feel like I need to scream! Withdrawal sucks sucks sucks! I've just gotta keep going..... I've already gotten off endone, dexamethasone, prednisone. Down to 5mg of oxycontin at night....... Had a fight with my hubby..... Sucks as we don't fight often! Through this while process we have been so supportive of each other. But today I let him down, I made a stupid decision that affects him too and I didn't even consider his needs! I'm disappointed in myself for being so selfish :'( Finding out u have cancer is only a small hurdle in the crazy cancer rollercoaster! Again today all I want to do is scream!
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Give yourself a huge high have done extremely well so far. I don't have cancer but travelled the addiction path to cope with hubbies illness..really bad excuse but we all make bad decisions.I still battle every day , but for you when the drugs are a necessity I admire what you have gotten off . Scream your lungs out, and with hubby if he has always been a support for you he will understand the issue with you today. My husband was never really supportive of me and now I am his carer...I often feel like screaming at him for so many reasons but I will feel really guilty afterwards and it won't achieve anything. But I am very over this rollarcoaster ride with cancer it has gone on and on for way to long and now hubby can do virtually nothing but eat, eat eat from those horrid dex..I do want do go to sleep and not wake up but with 3 teenagers thats not going to happen but life is very hard and I am if you hear a huge from Brisbanes direction, chances are its me. Hope you have a good sleep and tomorrow it a better day.
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