Can't believe it. On a tram, passing on of my mum's former work places and felt tears well up. What'g going on? Two years down the track and something 'small' like this triggers off tears. Been trying to get a grip on this 'fleeting' yet memorable moment since yesterday.
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It makes sense to me.
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its hard.. little things will remind you but dont think of it as a bad thing.. remembering a loved one is something good. 🙂
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sometimes we think that we are crazy etc. but is not, we have sentiments, we have fillings. we understand you, and remembering a loved one is good, I dont think that you dont need think that you didn't understand yourself, all of us sometimes have this feeling and we cry, I think that sometimes i cry near to fill up a lake. we are here for help and we had lots of feeling and please dont feel pity or shame for have feeling.
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