hi all, just needing some encouraging inspiring stories.. stories of hope! i have hope at times but today i feel sad and just need to know that people have overcome aggressive cancer... thanks xo
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hi maddie, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer 3 years ago, next week. I came within 24 hours of dieing from my bowel completely shutting down. I was so ill that I barely remember many parts of those few days. I had major surgery to remove 30 cms of bowel and took 3 weeks to recover enough to go home. 2 weeks after that i started 6 months of chemo, including having a picc line and coming home with my jet pack of slow release chemo for 3 dyas every fortnight. none of it was fun and I still live with some minor physical side effects and some psychological ones BUT I am here writing this. I am back to virtually full time work as a teacher and I give my sons (21 and 16) a cuddle every day. My story is only a mildly inspiring one as so many others have dealt with far worse than me. But, Maddie, we are all here. I feel so much for you having to deal with this at such a young age. i hope my story helps a little. Samex
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wow thank you yes it does... his doctor says his cancer is probably terminal, but i have a feeling he will pull thru... he is a fighter and not likely to just give up and cave in.. he has that chemo where he takes it home for 3 days, but they wont do surgery straight away? i kinda dont get it all.. i think they said they wanted to shrink his tumor and the spots on his lungs and liver... i hear of these sttories all the time and its the only thing that keeps me going. I cant imagine the unimaginable.. its to horrific.. xo
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Maddie i was diagnosed with bowel cncer in October 2004 the next day i found out i had stage 4 liver mets. I underwent bowel resection and my oncologist advised me i might be a candidate for new treatment SIRSPHERES combined with chemo over 8 months 3 days infusion including take home pack. My tumours disappeared and i haven't received any treatment since Sept 05. have you or your bf heard of sirspheres, they are little magic beads that are prolonging the lives of people who had little hope. allowing us to gain time for the next treatment. it sucks that you and your bf are so young i truly hope that you both come through his and are together for many years to come. anakees mum
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thanks guys for ur stories.. it gets harder and harder but he has his scan in 3 weeks so im just hoping for the best....
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