A conference was convened to discuss the impact of childhood cancer on the quality of life for the child, adolescent, and young adult cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment to survivorship across the lifespan. This program features information that will benefit healthcare professionals, educators, school professionals, and parents of children with cancer. You can learn from a diverse group of presenters through video presentations, slides, and video excerpts from A Lion in the House, about the unique perspective on the overall impact of childhood cancer including • Surveillance of the late effects of cancer • Psychosocial issues of the cancer survivor and their families, especially siblings • Strategies for meeting the needs of paediatric cancer survivors and their families Follow this link (you may have to register 1st)to access it in full http://www.cancereducation.com/cancersyspagesnb/a/lls/llssj0901/index.cfm?rid=127
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