Hi, I had blood tests last week to see if my PSA has improved. Well the good news is that it has come down. Yeehaaa It is still high but that may due to the catheters / plumbing problems that I have been having. This is going to be checked out again next week (another hospital visit) but I don't have to have a blood test to check my PSA for another two months. I feel like I have been given a reprieve. Radiotherapy has now been pushed back - "we don't want to radiate you unnecessarily" and may not be needed at all. Another Yeehaaa I will still have a catheter until I can p*ss without pain (and it can be painful). Skinnydipping in the pool is not on when there is a tube hanging out of you is probably not the best look. Although maybe if I was suurounded by others in the same boat (or pool) it wouldn't be so bad. So now I can have a 'relatively' relaxed Christmas. Now that this has happened to me it makes me really feel the pain that all of you are going through particularly when you can't see the end of the tunnel. I feel guilty. My heart goes out to you and I hope and pray that all the 'issues' get sorted your futures are full of promise. Cheers Kym
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