It would be great if we could all share some strategies that we used to get through all of this. All of this encompasses everything from initial diagnosis to getting through treatment and beyond. For instance at one stage i was struggling to find a way to cope with eating. I had lost my appetite and had little to no taste buds, so eating was a real chore. That then sparked off in my little head "i know". I will treat this as a job!! It is the responsibility of the receptionist to book my radio appointments, the radiographer to give me the radio and blah blah blah. My job in all of this was to ensure i ate 3 meals a day and gave my body adequate nutrition. Another thing i did was to make the decision to shave off my hair when it started to fall out. I wanted to take control of what was happening to my body and if i was going to go bald then it would be me who said when it was going to happen. We lost so much personal control through the process and just little things seemed to make such a difference if i was able to take control back even in some small way. What strategies have others used to get through all of this?? Care to share?
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