Except CANCER!!! FEAR of what happens after diagnosis. FEAR of treatment.. FEAR of that next investigation scan. FEAR of the time that you seemed to be doing nothing. FEAR of how people react to you, strangers in a shop or your work mates or boss. Do they shake your hand or do they look at you with pitty and slide away as quickly as they can. FEAR being left behind. Tomorrow is our next MRI. It's been 6 months since the last surgery and we have been told that when it reappears its more aggressive. Radiation and carboplatin aside, nothing stops this beast GBM in the end. So, we know its coming its just a matter of when and how fast it will happen. Somewhere someone is feeling fear too and fear that is much worse than mine today. I'm thinking of you, wherever you are with whatever you're facing. And, without you realising it, you are making me stronger knowing that you too are facing the same beast.. As Russell Crow's character in Gladitor said as he and the other slaves faced the tunnel before being let out in the lion's den, " we can fight this together and win. Or we can face it alone and lose".
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