Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with secondary cancer. My first cancer was a squamous cell bowel cancer but now there is a tumour in my lung and about seven lymph nodes. Early last week I was introduced to yet another doctor who told me they couldn't 'cure' my cancer they could only reduce it with chemo. I guess I don't really know what that means, I was too shocked to ask at the time and now feel like an idiot ringing up and saying 'you know how you told me it was incurable, does that mean I'm going to die.' Do doctors just assume we know what they're on about or is communication really this bad? I know I sound bitter but I have reason to be. I was misdiagnosed for months in emergency at the Royal Melbourne and in the colorectal clinic. They kept saying I had an absess, giving me antibiotics that didn't work... One doctor even had the audacity to suggest I was turning up to emergency in search of a doctors certificate for a day off... I just don't understand how so many doctors could be wrong. Anyway, the golfball sized primary is gone - with vigorous radiation and chemo. Unfortunately it learned to spread before it left... and now I'm walking around sleep deprived and scared. Well, that's about it for my first blog entry. I'm exhausted after that.
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