My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 follicular nhl in 2011. He went into remission after 3 months of chemotherapy, and has been doing brilliantly- up until now. He is due for a check up in 2 weeks, and we just got his blood test results today- his lymphocytes have been dropping over the past 12 months (he has 6 monthy blood tests). The thing that worries me the most is that they have been dropping at a steady rate- 0.3 every 6 months. They are just borderline normal, but it's the trend that I'm really concerned about. His check up was supposed to be today, but it had to be moved, and I'm going to be freaking out for the next 2 weeks. He's concerned as well, but we're trying not to worry each other. I just wanted to post because I knew that everyone here would understand what it's like. Thanks for being here.
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