My sister arrived yesterday (Thursday) from Melbourne. I am so glad she arrived in time to see Mum prior to her scheduled surgery... I arrived to the hospital with just enough time to see Mum for a few minutes before she took her shower in preparation for her procedure. She was in good spirits as were we. We know how strong our Mum is, how much of a fighter she is and of course we had God on our side. We waved Mum off, she was amazing! We will see you in a few hours Mum, we love you! Hours passed, plenty of coffee was had. Lunch was eaten without much gusto, we all weren't overly hungry, it was evident we were all very worried about how Mum was doing. We hadn't heard anything from inside of theatre the entire time whey had Mum in there... My older sister kept us entertained with her hilarious antics, many may have thought this inappropriate, we however, know this is her way of coping so went along with it too. We shared stories, played on the iPad (words with friends) against each other and waited, waited and waited some more. My Aunty was with us the entire time, along with my Dad, and both my sisters. One of my sisters friends arrived to keep us company.. still no word. My Uncle arrived, still no word... it was now gone 5pm! Mum had been in theatre for well over 5 hours now. Finally.... the surgeon and his registrar walk out, smile at us and assure us that Mum is in recovery, doing well. He advised he would be back shortly with more information... Good news at last! The were able to remove ALL of the tumor. It was attached by a very thin membrane to the brain. Mum was slowly waking up in recovery and we would be able to see her very soon. Mum's surgery took 6.5 hours in total... a very long period in my life where it if were possible to hold my breath the entire time, I think I would have! The sigh of relief when we heard Mum had made it through the procedure and was waking up was immense. The recovery nurse came out and allowed us to go in 2 at a time to see Mum... First off was Dad and my younger sister. Dad stayed in and us girls swapped places with each other until the recovery nurse said that was it.. no more visitors and we would be able to see Mum the next morning around on the High Dependency section of the normal ward... It was now home time, I needed some down time from everything so got a bite to eat, sat at the beach and cried and cried and cried... I had waited for this moment the whole week... I had held my tears all week, now I couldn't stop them. Today Mum became my Wonder Woman!
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