Today Dad heads into the hospital with my sister. Mum is grogy, sleepy as expected and I am advised to hold off on coming in for a while. I wait and head in for afternoon visiting hours instead. I arrive to find Mum sleeping, I go for a coffee instead to allow her that bit of extra time. When I get back she was still eyes closed, I pull up a chair and it disturbs her, she wasn't asleep at all, just had her eyes closed... I am in awe of how Mum is doing, she explains to me that she has been up for a walk with the physiotherapist and that although she is a bit wobbly, she did well. It's not even 24 hours since her surgery and she is already up and having a walk, amazing! Dinner arrives and Mum is ravenous. She eats every single morsel on her tray, right down to the horrible soup that hospitals seem to think might be appealing. Mum is feeding herself, drinking from a cup... nothing amiss at all. Phenomenal! The coming days progress is excellent, more walking around, aided to start with then with a frame, then with just a walking stick... Mum moves back to the normal part of the ward on the Monday afternoon, settles back in to her old bed and continues to make great progress...
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