Today Dad and I took Mum through to hospital. We saw the Neurosurgeon who explained where the tumor was, what problems it was causing and what they were going to do to "fix" this up.. Mum signed admission forms and also signed forms for consent to surgery... Once admitted, Mum was made comfortable on the Neurosurgery ward. She shared a room with 3 other ladies. This was now "home" to Mum for the coming days. That evening Mum started on Dexamethasone... A steroid to help reduce swelling in the brain. This created enormous hunger, Mum was eating everything in sight. Nothing was safe! The next few days past and we were advised Mum was to have her surgery on Friday. They were doing a craniotomy, decompression (removal of tumor) on the front right parietal area of her brain... Now the nerves kicked in.
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