Today Mum went for her brain scan... She had seen her local doctor last week on the Friday (14th September) thinking she had early onset Alzheimers or Dementia. Unfortunately the scan revealed a brain tumour on the front right parietal area of her brain, 5.3cms in diameter causing the fluid from that side to push across to the left, no fluid on the right side at all. Mum had an urgent appointment with the Neurosurgeon at our regional hospital on the Tuesday morning, she was told to bring an overnight bag with her as it was most likely she wasn't going to go home. They were right, she was admitted and would say til after her tumour was removed later in the week... We had only been back from a family cruise 2 weeks prior... Mum seemed to be ok most of the time. The times when she wasn't ok, it was worrying. She had started leaving the oven on, putting the fry pan on to heat up but not remembering. Forgetting the ends of words and mixing up dates and times. She lost her handbag at least 5 times while on holiday, luckily each time it was at the ship reception waiting for her to collect it, everything inside....
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