Today i had an egg 'pick up' done. I did a course of IVF so I could freeze some eggs before I start my treatment. I got 11 eggs, which apparantly is really good. I am happy with the result, as now I am still a contender to be a mother even though my treatment is going to make me sterile. I don't have a partner and I'm told I wont be able to carry a pregnancy either, but, I have eggs. That's enough for me for now. Still can't help but wonder about those miracle babies though... wonder if that will ever happen to me?? Can only hope hey!
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yes miracle babys do happen! my mum got told she was sterile after having my second youngest sister, she was 12 when she had my little sister.. mum was 43! who would think that after 12 years mum would have a baby? these things do happen 🙂
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