Recently diagnosed with duodenal gist tumour. Anyone In Australia with this?
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Hi Dunnc, I have metastatic GIST, with METS through out my pelvic, intestines areas and also my liver. My primary was on the small intestine, I had 2 small intestine resections. I'm about to start Sutent as I didn't response to Glivec. Did they do a biopsy on your tumour? Have they mentioned anything to you about going onto Glivec, which is the first line of defence? Naomi
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Hi Naomi It is wonderful to connect with yourself and Others with gist. Your helpful tips and experience are a wealth of knowledge. I wish you all the best on this journey. I will see if I can be referred to your oncologist at Peter Mac. My oncologist In Geelong hasn't the expertise in this area. Thank you for your help.
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Hi, I have GIST also. I'm 32. Hope you're doing ok!
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