I got a rash from head to toe and started shredding like a snake and then i got a massive fever and got hypothermia and was vomiting,i went to hospital and got admitted and started running a million tests on me.i had allergic reaction to the antibiotics,they controlled that and i was get better but still waiting on other results to come back,ten days later results where coming back all where good was waiting on one more .next morning the doctors came in with final results and told me to sit down and started doing a spill about the reasons they where running heaps of scans and tests,well the end of it he told me have i have Hodgkin Lymphoma,which is a cancer of white blood cells..it is treated but it will be a tough and long road and chemo will be involved.it was a huge shock i so wasn't expecting that!!the ball has started rolling so i just be do everything the right way and fight it.
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