I was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer and still really don't know what to expect? 12 months ago I didn't know I had cancer until my tumor ruptured and within days I had lost a kidney. With no chemo or radiation as an option for treatment I was holding on to the hope that the surgeon had been able to successfully remove all traces of the cancer. Unfortunately this was not to be and now it has spread to both lungs. Wanting to know as much as possible about what I had and after doing my own research I got fairly depressed and confused. I am told due to where my growths are that I have limited options. At present we go from scan to scan to watch how aggressive it may be. I know that there are "targeted therapies" for Metastic Renal cell cancers but have also been advised that given the extent of the side effects that I am better to wait whilst I am still feeling good? At 53 I struggle to know what to do. I am still working and trying to stay positive. Has anyone trialled taking Sutent or any other targeted therapy for advanced Kidney cancer?
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