Yesterday was a good day, today was better than Monday and Tuesday but not as good as yesterday. Greg had a restful sleep overnight, I slept solidly for about an hour and then really only dozed the rest of the night, listening out for Greg and physically checking on him regularly. He woke up about 8.45am but was quite groggy. He is definitely not as alert as he had been yesterday afternoon and evening. He is having trouble with his memory, getting the days mixed up and unsure of the time of day. He has spent most of the day sleeping, he had a visitor for a short while but dozed on and off during the visit, occasionally contributing to conversation. He woke about 4.30pm and has eaten quite well considering. His left side seems a bit weaker again. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Jill
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Hope Friday was and OK day Jill. S
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You have to go through the sadness to find your happiness, the important thing to remember is that we have time. No its not easy to watch the shrills of pain sometimes, but even on those bad days you can find those moments that you keep with you forever regardless of how it ends... Heart Attacks, strokes, one big shock and then game over, no warning, no time to prepare, no chance to make amends - every day is a gift - The good ones and the bad ones...
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To jlloyd79, This is so true, we are fortunate in that we can prepare ourselves and our loved ones for what is to come. Thank you for reminding us of this. S
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