Hi All It has been 5 days since my mums funeral.. She passed away after a very short fight with lung cancer.. I just dont get it.. How can someone so wonderful be taken from me.. I feel completely lost without her.. I am putting on a brave face for everyone but I am just crumbling inside.. I feel the sympathy only goes so far from people because she was a smoker.. Even i want to be angry with her but I just love her too much to ever be angry or disappointed with her.. Should she have gone to the doctor earlier?? I know she didnt suffer, it all just happened so quickly.. I just miss her so much.. i dont understand how someone can have a problem that no one can fix.. Everyone, even myself have said "if she could have written the script for her dying days, it would have looked pretty close to what it was" but she's gone and i just want her back so badly.. I feel completely consumed in my own self pitty.. Please tell me it will get easier.....
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