Yesterday i had my first lot of cetuximab and i tolerated it quite well, apart from a couple of veins blowing before they finally found one. Next one they are going to double dose, not so sure about that. First round of radiotherapy today, so at least that is starting and means it will be closer to finishing. I wont be around so much as i know i am going to get very tired and lots of side effects to deal with. Hope to log in here occasionally and keep up with whats happening. It is such a great site and i am recommending it to people that i am in contact with at the cancer council place i stay at. 🙂
Hi Jules2 Hang in there. Hope it all goes well and that the side effects arre not too awful. cheers Sailor As we sail thru life, don't avoid rough waters, sail on because calm waters won't make a skillful sailor. Anonymous
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Hello Jules2 Hope everything goes according to plan and not toooooo many side effects. Each one down one less to go. good luck, thinking of you, craftyone
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Hi Jules, I haven't had rdiation, only chemo but my Dad had radiation and he looked at it as each day that he went, it was another one that didn't have to be dealt with again. Be kind to yourself for this period. Samex
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@ samex ... thanks, interestingly enough at the place i am staying at we have been talking about being kind to ourselves. It is a great concept and one we should remember i think. Thanks for the reminder! @ craftyone ... thanks to you also, i am trying to take each day as it comes and also be mindful of how bad it is going to get. Sometimes it is difficult to find the balance, somehow i manage it most times. @ sailor ... thank you oh wise one (not being a smart arse there), i have ten fingers firmly grasped on something. lol
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Hi Jules2, Hope everything is going well. Fingers crossed the side effects are minimal for you. We all respond differently to our treatments, I personally did not experience too many side effects. The tiredness did get progressively worse along the way. I liberally applied the sorbolene creme I was given at the hospital and only used "Dove soap" on the affected area. This is not a promotion for the soap, I was advised to use it by the hospital 🙂 Try to still eat well during treatment to nourish the body. I was advised by my specialist to eat what I fancied. After chemo treatment was finished for the day, I ate my fav... tabouli and tuna. Tasted a bit metallic, but I still enjoyed it. I realise the eating depends on personal tolerance to treatments. I decided to give my body the best I could provide to allow for healing. Even if I felt only little hungry I finished my sandwich.. personal choice again... you do what you feel is right for you. I wish you well in your treatments.
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Hiya Reindeer Thanks for such positive post that is perfectly timed. 🙂 I have been struggling a bit (psychologically) as my skin has reacted with only two hits of radio and i am very concerned as to how its going to hold out for the remainding 33. This morning i have been reading the camp quality website, or at least part there of and it is incredibly positive. So your message has combined with that to help put me back in the right place again. I have heaps of creams, all with no nasties in them and am not using soap on the site at the moment. I have an aloe vera plant that i am taking back with me (having to travel for treatment). Re the tiredness, thats made worse by cetuximab which i am having in conjunction with the radiotherapy. I have been reading up this morning also on potassium levels and it can be affected by cetuximab. I actually fell asleep in the car whilst being driven home on friday, something i havent done in about a lot of years. Was going to type how many but i dont like that number. haha! My taste buds have gone out the window and once again i think its the combination of therapies that is making things accelerate. So, am pretty much eating because i have to at the moment and some things i simply cannot tolerate such as mandarins which i used to love. Quite amazing how all of this affects our bodies and in turn our psyche. Time to dig deep and find new ways. :) Thanks again Julie
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