At 7.55pm on June 3, With me, his son, mum and dad, sister and brother in law Brent passed away. It was a beautiful good-bye. We had been with him constantly from Saturday, me sleeping in his room overnight listening to his dying breath. I thought I would be scared I worried that I wouldn't be able to support him to the end, I surprised myself. My love for him allowed me to hold him, kiss him and help him leave. Now even though I lived it and I watched it, I still can't believe that he isn't coming back. It's almost 2 weeks. I smile and laugh one minute, the next I'm crying my eyes out. Those last weeks were tough and I wished I could have made it Eire for him but I guess dying has to hard? I will cherish the cerebral intimacy we had. I will miss his friendship, intellect, wit and total commitment to me and ours. I will remember him everyday forever. And, one day in the future, I will stop crying.......
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