Another restless night . Laying there and the mind seems to go blamk and then the flashes start , i think at times im losing my mind . The flashes are the memories of my beloved Nanna , the last days of tending her needs , i spent every day and nite there with her , and its still like yesterday, the sounds , smells, the smell is what never leaves me, a constant reminder.
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A thousand tears fell down my face Leaving you in that room was my mistake Selfish thoughts ran through my mind ohhh those times i cried your heart and breathe fading away No longer strong to take your pain Eyes closed tight breathe a whisper she smiles n sees the light grow brighter Heaven waits for no one Heart sacrifices are in in part Days go by as life falls apart Lifes not the same since your big depart. Hearts are broken lives torn apart your leaving us dented our hearts . Mystik73
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