Well prior to my cancer I was exercising 5 days a wk, enjoying a fairly fit life. After my diagnosis I cut back to walking everyday but still chugged on. Then I had surgery which knocked the wind right out of me (ha ha pardon the pun). I slowly got on my feet after my surgery but stopped exercise (recovery and pain consumed my life). It had been 3 months and I decided enough was enough, it was time to let the healing of my feet return. So it had been 8 days of daily walking and I'm feeling a whole world better. Don't get me wrong I cough, splitter, sound like I'm dying and a 30min walk puts my heart rate over 120 beats per minute. Luckily my fitness still remains and within 10mins of resting my heart rate is back to 75. Slowly I will build up the exercise regime and allowing my feet to do the healing. Oh I forgot to mention I am participating in relay for life in 5wks, so this walking is important in more ways than one. I am doing this walk to fight back, to have fun and obviously to help raise money (so far I have $400 in sponsors). I only hope my one lung participates and allows me to to do my fair share of walking in the relay. Let's all cross our fingers its a successful event 🙂
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