I haven't been online for a while, just trying to get back into a routine since Dad passed away..... I went back to work on 14.02.12 & there are days that I struggle to get thru...I always ask Dad to give me some "sunshine" 🙂 I miss him so much... I'm staying with Mum until Saturday & then my brother arrives for a few days, I'm looking fwd to going home & sleeping im my own bed...Lol... We have another problem now, my Mum has to go for a cervical CT Scan on Tuesday, she started to find drops of blood on her undies & the Dr wants to get it looked into (Mum had a hysterectomy 10 yrs ago)poor Mum is a mess, trying to deal with loosing Dad & now this....I'm trying to keep her positive but deep inside I'm Screaming "NO Not Mum Too" I'm so afraid that something is seriously wrong & I don't know if I could cope if we get bad news. (((HUGS))) To all you beautiful people. Alison
Hi Alison, Going back to work is a good positive step, and its good to talk to your dad,Im sure he is looking down upon you. I talk to my wife during the day and ask for advice, tell her funny stories, etc, and I find it does help. Here is hoping its nothing to worry about with your mum. wombat4
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Hey Alison, Great to hear your doing ok. Yep work will keep you occupied and out of mischief! Rest assured your Dad is there with you every step of the way! I hope all is going ok with your Mum, at least they are on to it which is a great thing. Since Ive been in this lousy situation like so many others, its amazing how the medical profession do keep a look out for you. Keep positive, you have been so strong. Take Care Leesa
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Thanks for he postive comments xxx
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