I haven't been online for a while, just trying to get back into a routine since Dad passed away..... I went back to work on 14.02.12 & there are days that I struggle to get thru...I always ask Dad to give me some "sunshine" 🙂 I miss him so much... I'm staying with Mum until Saturday & then my brother arrives for a few days, I'm looking fwd to going home & sleeping im my own bed...Lol... We have another problem now, my Mum has to go for a cervical CT Scan on Tuesday, she started to find drops of blood on her undies & the Dr wants to get it looked into (Mum had a hysterectomy 10 yrs ago)poor Mum is a mess, trying to deal with loosing Dad & now this....I'm trying to keep her positive but deep inside I'm Screaming "NO Not Mum Too" I'm so afraid that something is seriously wrong & I don't know if I could cope if we get bad news. (((HUGS))) To all you beautiful people. Alison
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