I had 32 lymph nodes removed from my abdominal area, since surgery I have had numbness in the front of my upper thigh and sharp stabbing pain in this area - yes I have told the doctors their reply is - it will probably get better. This is not happening and the more I try to use by legs the worse the pain gets - I mean to the point that it brings tears to my eyes, im so over it and not knowing how or what to do to improve it. If anyone has had a similar problem could you let me know how you went, I have been told that it is nerve irritation (still painful 14 weeks post op) It's not the only one that s irritated Im telling you!! AARRH!!
I have leg pan but only in my lower legs and feet and mine is caused by the chemotherapy I'm on and it has caused peripheryl neuropathy, which is damage to the nerves. I had heard of Lyrica, a prescription drug, through this site and have tried it but I have found it makes me feel really sedated plus it increases my diarrhea, however it does ease the pain. There is also a cream called Zostrix HP available through pharmacists that helps with nerve related pain. I will point out though that this is a capsacain based cream and yes it will burn especially if you don't wash your hands properly and rub your face later. I use a latex glove to apply mine then dispose of the glove. I really would suggest you tell your Dr exactly how bad the pain is as surely they can prescribe something to help you. I have given up on Lyrica and have gone back to either oxynorm once a day or my morphine if I really need it that bad. I am on both of those medications for pancreatic cancer. The one thing I have found is that the more I use my legs the worse the pain gets so I try and relax them as much as possible plus I see an acupuncturist weekly. I also found that rubbing deep heat into my legs really helped to alleviate the pain a bit. I really hope some of this has helped you in some way.
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Sorry I can't help. In this day and age one would expect that your doctors have solutions to ease your pain.
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thank you for your suggestions, I have seen the GP the specialist and today the hospital phyisio. They all have suggestions as to what it is and how to treat it - but all different so I guess i will try them all and when the pain goes away we will be none the wiser but at least i wont have any pain. I did find out that deep breathing and relaxation works on the lymphatic system - and I have started doing tai chi so we will see I am still struggling with the pain in my legs it keeps me awake and the oncol said just take pain meds well he does have a point but thats not fixing the problem I have also tried massage and it does help but cost money so it is a bit limiting Just any other post surgery issue!!
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