In July 2007 my husband was diagnosed with scc at the base of tongue and secondaries in the lymph system. He had a radical neck dissection followed by radiation and chemo and all that entails. On 14th December he had his 2 year post treatment check up wherein his oncologise ordered a CT scan. On New Years Eve we received the news that the enemy has metastised to both lungs and things aren't looking too great. He is a fighter and filling himself with juices and vegies, vitamins and nuts etc. The news was such a shock as he was gaining weight and looking fantastic. He is scheduled for a full body scan on 19th January and meeting with oncologists on 21st January wherein our lives will once again be controlled by others so we are making the most of this week. This site helps me unload and also gives me inspiration from everyone else. It is nice to know you can come here and bare all if necessary and get positiveness.
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