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March the 7th 2011 was the worst day of my life. I stood along with my husband waiting outside a surgery door, inside was our son.He had woken that morning with no feelings below his chest.Two weeks of waiting to be told your son has Ewings Sarcoma on the spine, his chances of walking were 80%.My son had 12 chemo cycles and 31 days of radiation.He was in hospital for three months to give time to readjust our house a little. He had extensive rehabilatation all throughtout his treatment. By spring he was able to use crutches. Janauary the 25th 2012 he was given the all clear.Then in october just he competed in the Cure For Cancer Ride 200km over two days. I was my sons carer all through his treatment and now Im the carer for my husband.Two weeks after my son received his good news we were there again.My husband has bowel cancer, its in the liver and lungs too. We have been told 3-5 years, its about maintaining and my husbands quality of life.I have read so many of every ones stories its taken me awhile to come on this site. I think its good to hear other peoples stories to reach out for help or scream or just say whatever we want.
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