So its been one month since my beautiful man earnt his wings early... and to be honest ive been feeling ok considering. Its almost like i feel like im doing something wrong because i have been ok.. dont get me wrong im not runing along picking daisys but im not in bed crying my eyes out every single day... i do still have those days but i feel like i want to see life now.. if anything he taught me to stop moping around and start living. I feel so sad when i see his photo or soo very sad seeing our wedding pictures but then i can hear him say 'come on you'l be ok'.. if anything good was to come out of this awful situation is that life is to short! i really hope 2013 brings me nothing but happiness... i know there will be days when i wont be happy and i will miss him like crazy but i just want to be happy from now on.. im only 26 but feel as if ive aged 20 years! i hope everyone on here has a better year next year.. it seem like everyone i know has had something happen this year... not the best year! xoxox
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