Well today marks the end of 2012- what a f@#king trying yr!!! We have been stressed beyond relief, terrified beyond words, heartbroken on many levels, absolutely pov, been through things I would never wish on my worst enemy, we've hard to ask way too many of our loved ones/friends for help and my dream of becoming a bikini model is over (too many scars for that now lol). We have been blessed with survival, love, faith, wonderful family and friends, many visitors and our lovely wedding (without my sister + her husband and my parents this would never have happened)! So to 2012 we say goodbye and thank u for making us more resilient and realistic. We say fu for nearly breaking us! And we say bring on 2013 for good health, great memories and loads of love! Happy new yr everyone, enjoy ur day and night (if u make it til midnight)! "When you are constantly staring down the barrel of a gun, all you can do is pray that the universe has run out of bullets" Daniel Berg.
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