Hiya everyone Am back home again and its a fantastic feeling. 7.5 or so weeks has been tough in some ways and incredible in others. Tough to be away from family and friends and nice to make new ones. Have finished radiotherapy now and dont go back for 8 weeks for a scope and maybe a scan also. Things have gone incredibly well for me, although my skin is quite burnt i managed to escape nearly every other side effect there was and am on no pain killers whatsoever. I am really pleased i managed to get through that well!! Hope everyone else is doing ok and i expect busily planning for the silly season by now. Julie
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What a great time to be back home during the holidays.... Glad to hear treatment went well for you and your going good... :) Chels
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Hey Chels Thanks ... yup it is great. This has been the longest time i have spent away from my son, so was nice to get home to one of his big hugs. 🙂 Thank you Julie
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Hi Julie well done and i am glad you are home. the only side effect i had with radiation was the burning. i guess we are lucky. i have been smothing myself with Paraffin 3 times a day and my skin is lookin really good. will swap to Sorbaline cream in two weeks and all should be good. enjoy the cuddles with youe boy and make the most of it. cheers Linda
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Hey Linda Same with burning, my neck looks a bit gruesome at the moment and might have another staf infection i think. Had a swab done last night, so will see in a couple of days as to what is what. I bet you are enjoying being home. I am actually staying with a g/f at the moment as i live quite far out of town. Once my skin settles down i will go home to my house. The nurses dont like travelling so far out of town to treat someone, so is just easier this way and i cant be bothered to have to convince them to travel. :) Take care and hope your burnt skin is going ok for you Julie
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