Before I go completely stir-crazy sitting in my little one-bedroon unit getting up every morning to study all day, attempting to avoid spilling paint on the carpet and stressing about my marks... I'm leaving on a jet plane - flying back to London on July 3rd next year. My Mum is still over there and she goes on summer holidays at the end of July, so we're driving around the UK for 5 weeks. England down to Wales, up to Republic of Ireland, on a ferry up to Northern Ireland, across to Scotland and back down through northern England and London to Kent where my Mum lives. I'm so excited because I didn't get to see the rest of the UK when I was there - leukaemia threw all my plans up in the air. I'll not enrol for the one semester from June to August and recommence when I come back at the end of August with a refrehed head!! For the first time since my diagnosis I have something wonderful to look forward feels great, albiet a little precarious. I get a bit suspicious/skeptical/pessimistic when good things happen now, waiting for something to go wrong...
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