Saw my gp today about a lump in my neck.She said it is a lymph node .I had googled diagrams of lymph nodes and thought it wasn't in the right place to be one.I'm having an ultrasond tomorrow and depending on the result maybe a needle biopsy on Tuesday. Even if it is not cancer she thinks it should be taken out .The head and neck clinic doctors debated this in February and March last year before my surgery.Their opinions varied ,but the ent decided in the end as he will this time . It's like a new little thing to worry about.It could be nothing. This time I found it and over days it changed.Last year it was hardly detectable but it showed up on the PETscan. What a cute name for a whole -body scan. I don't know how to type an exclamation mark, must ask my husband. Why did I google lymph nodes? Because I like to know all I can before seeing a doctor,not self-diagnosing (I wish I could) but to be prepared. I will know more in a few days ,maybe enough to not worry ,maybe enough to worry more. That's life with cancer.
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