Ive been a carer for over 2yrs to my husband who has lung cancer. We have 3 young children & a business to run. Im feeling very scared, lonely & like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I have survived with my husband 3 major surgeries, chemo, radiation, dr's apptmnts, scans & pain as well as trying to create some sort of normal life for our children. Having a bad moment but will be alright later on.
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Good to hear from you Superwoman. Come back again and chat a bit more. It's a place where you can let go by writing things. I have been using this site for more than two years now and it gives me a huge boost just knowing I can say how it is for me. H
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Ditto Harker. Superwoman, when I returned to work after chemo, I had a meltdown one day and my Principal told me that I didn't need to be Superwoman and she sent me home for 2 days. Mind you while she hasn't had cancer she has a family and is a Principal of a large secondary school. I did point out her irony. Jump on here on the bad moments and then sometimes feel free to share the good ones. No judging here. Take care. Samex
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Thanks for your kind messages. I am in a better space this week. My husband has finished 2 cycles of chemo without too many side effects, 2 more to go. Anxious for next scans to see how effective his treatment is. Keep your fingers & toes crossed for us.
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