i am not sure where to start this time as it feels like its all happening again, but this time to my daughter. she is only 34 and has had to have ultra sounds and mammy's for a while now due to my sister and myself. this time the Dr felt a lump and has sent her to Charlies for a check up. she had that appointment two weeks ago and they are not happy and want to do a MRI as they have found two areas of concern. I have my fingers and toes crossed that it will be fine. i just dont need this as she is too young and has 2 boys to take care of. i know i need to keep positive but its a bit hard. we are all having to dealing with my sister at the moment with her cancer (Peritoneal mesotheliomar) and try to be positive for and its not easy as we as a family know what is going to happen. we can only assure our daughter that she is young and healthy and that we will be with her all the way in what ever they tell her over the next few months. Linda
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